Custom Automatic Snack Cosmetic Smart Vending Machine With Touch Screen - Toy Crane Game Machine
Custom Automatic Snack Cosmetic Smart Vending Machine With Touch Screen
Product Specification:
Product Description
Lipstick Vending Game Machine
Screen size
1 player
Lead Time
3~15 days
Packing details
Stretched film+ wooded case+ EPE+bubble
Payment terms
TT, 30% deposite the balance paid before delivery
12 months free warranty for main board, lifetime maintenance
Available for
Shopping center, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playground, game center

Comprehensive lipstick vending machine features:
1. Better appearance, more beautiful frame and fully transparent display, with the respective lighting, can better display products.
2. More reasonable grid, the old version has 65 girds and make the gifts cost to be too high if for the full display, our advanced version made the upgrade for 40-55 grids, and the top 6-8 bigger girds for different prize display, which can be displayed combining with lipsticks, perfumes, cosmetics, and some different prizes. Gives more options for players.
3. Easier assembly and maintenance, offer the most convenience for shopkeeper to manager, and we supply one year warranty for all accessories.
4. Better heat dissipation, as the lipstick will melt in a humid, hot environment, we enhanced the heat dissipation, which can keep the lipsticks better.
5. Better sealing, since the light inside the grid is easy to attract mosquitoes, we improved the sealing of each grid, can be effective against mosquitoes.
6. Intelligent setting, can eight set for single prize, or volume set for all, also have the one key replenishment function, which is offered the most convenient for shopkeepers to manager them.
7. Has both Buy and Play modes, give more options to players.
8. The gameplay is upgrading continuously, more and more new games will be launched, and we can offer the customized game for you as well.
9. Support WeChat, Alipay QR scan payment, bills and coins payment with coin change function.

How to play
1. Insert the coin to start the game
2. Choose the casket you like, then touch its number in the screen
3. There are 3 stages in one game, during the game, you must shoot the lipstick to the macaroon
4. Do not touch any other lipsticks on the macaroon, or you will lose the game
5. If you successfully pass the 3 stages, you can get the lipstick in the casket

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