Amazing 6dof 3 screen racing motion car simulator - three-screen racing car simulator
Amazing 6dof 3 screen racing motion car simulator - three-screen racing car simulator
Amazing 6dof 3 screen racing motion car simulator
Product Specification:
3 screen car racing simulator


3 Screens Speed Racing Car Features:

1. 3 Screens Speed Racing Car with 1 seat for 1 player, new experience of car racing game.

2. 6 DOF Electirc Motion Platform, dynamic racing car experience.

3. 3 set 43 inch Display Screen with high quality, which show clear pictures.

Racing Car Advantages:

1,The dynamic platform follows the content of the film or speeding forward, or sharp turn, or 

emergency braking, or handsome drift, plus three large HD display surrounds
2,Can be networked
3,Using the international leading dynamic control technology,

the original boom-type six-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform is used to truly integrate with the game.
4,Dynamic racing game simulator 0 dead angle drift.
5,The traditional racing game, a big part is just a game handle, or an ordinary steering wheel. Now you are no longer quietly turning the steering wheel. The dynamic car can complete the dive, climb, tilt, turn, according to the game plot. Thrilling and thrilling movements such as rotation, falling, bumps, etc.Suspended experience design, the driver is promoted to experience driving pleasure in the air, in the tight, rapid racing road pass, the car body in the air with the game plot to make more than 70 kinds of difficult movements, colorful and delicate experience, real reproduction of the car stimulation sense.

Product name
Promotion 3 screen racing game machine simulator  
Size 180*180*220cm
Weight 350KG 
Power 4500W
People 1 player
Warranty 2 year
Track 128 pcs

driving simulator


1, The super simulation steering wheel: modern industrial design, 360 degree rotary control, comfortable leather.

racing simulator

2, Specially customized seats, high quality leather comfortable and soft, equipped with seat belts, 

dynamic seats can read the driving force feedback data, dynamically reflect to the driver, can realize the centrifugal force of the real car, 

push back, sway, bump, all kinds of road conditions to restore, so that the driver can feel in the cockpit Experience the visual and tactile impact of driving physics
simulator arcade racing car game machine

3, 43 inch HD three screen display, pure 3D software interface, beautiful picture, a broader vision.

car simulator game machine

4, lifelike acceleration, brake pedal, let you feel the bump on the road, turning the steering wheel when the reaction force;

3d car driving simulator

5,The servo motor drives the axle through the reducer, and the axle moves up and down in 180 degrees.

 The 6-axis-supported analog car is synchronized with the game board.

arcade car simulator

After sales service:

1. Online technical support for technical problem. 

2. Two years warranty, life-long maintenance.

3. Lifetime free software upgrade.

Our factory:

We always believe that, quality and service are the most competitiveness, therefore, we, Wangdong only produce the first-class products and provide excellent service, so in this case, we’re offering professional and stable software, using all professional parts(power parts & PC parts)...

 To keep the quality stable as always, and that’s why we could offer and promise 2 year super warranty for the market!

car racing simulator

4d driving car driving simulator

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