VR tourism: high-end tourist products and tourism real estate spring?
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  • March 01, 2018

VR tourism: high-end tourist products and tourism real estate spring?

VR's wind blows wave after wave of virtual travel is not a new term, as early as the early 21st century, some people put forward the concept of virtual travel, that is, the use of virtual reality technology, through the Internet and other carriers, so that people stay at home Can experience the fun of traveling. When VR and tourism fierce collision, VR will bring the impact of tourism? What subdivision areas will usher in the spring?

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VR to the tourism industry what impact?

The rapid rise of VR industry has promoted the integration of VR technology and various fields, and "VR +" has become the buzzword of people in the mouth. In the travel industry, VR technology is also used for a variety of attempts.

Under the austerity of the VR revolution, VR + Travel's new online travel model has attracted more and more attention and attendees. The popularization of VR equipment is bound to bring more diversified operation modes and development opportunities to the online travel industry, thus subverting and reconstructing the existing business model and industrial structure.

Of course, due to technical and device limitations, many VR scenarios remain at the conceptual stage. But it is undeniable that as more and more power is involved in the VR industry, the maturity of VR technology and the popularization of related equipment are not out of reach.

Although it takes time, the VR head has shown the same trend as the popularity of smart phones; as technology bottlenecks continue to break through, 360-degree panoramic content production will become as easy as taking pictures of mobile phones.

In fact, the seemingly "tall" VR technology is essentially an entirely new form of media that can be analyzed both in terms of content and presentation.

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Content, VR and text, pictures, video is also the same information carrier, but compared to the previous three, VR increases the spatial dimension of information; VR is more characteristic of the presentation of the place, it really broke the time and space constraints, as the Users bring a very strong "presence" and "immersion."

Based on this, VR reshaping the online travel industry will mainly focus on the areas that are easiest and most in need of breaking through the constraints of time and space and realizing "informatization".

VR technology applied to the tourism industry, people get online will not only some of the attractions of the text, pictures or video, but in the virtual three-dimensional environment to visit the tourist attractions "field" tour.

For example: people in tropical rain forests, deserts and other environmental exploration, traders in the bustling town talk. Cloud dance technology to this tour justbehere APP, with VR technology produced travel videos, so that viewers have a strong visual experience.

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In the future, more and more VR content will be developed when the VR technology is maturing. At that time, people can experience scenic spots around the world at home or make their own travel plans and plans for living hotels in advance. Time spent on each attraction and so on.

Relative to the graphic information or video information, with the VR technology, people can get more comprehensive data and information, which will reduce people's fear and worry about the unknown environment, so that they are fully prepared in advance.

Although the content of VR can not replace people visiting tourist spots in person, it has shown great development prospects in the marketing of tourism products and the development of new entertainment products. It has aroused people's enthusiasm for tourism, Let people have more reference data when making decisions.