People can lose weight by playing VR game?
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  • Jimmy at
  • August 21, 2017

    The rise of the movement handle, let VR in addition to bring us immersive gaming experience, but also redefine the "game" concept. Different from the previous game can only entertainment, VR games can fitness. The Virtual Reality Health and Sports Institute is customizing the burning calorie rating for VR games.

VR handle controller

    When using high-end VR headers such as htc vive and Oculus Rift, players usually need to exercise. They or swords, or pull the bow, or dodge, even in the indoor large-scale walk around to explore the surrounding environment. In some of the more intense experiences, you can find yourself inadvertently sweating. The Virtual Reality Health and Sports Institute has created a tool called the VR Sport Score, which evaluates the VR experience and compares it with more traditional and well-known physical exercise, such as VR walking or VR running .

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    "We have evaluated many of the games that have been the result of their energy consumption equivalent to strenuous exercise.We have observed that many participants are often unaware of their actual consumption," said Dr. Marialice Kern, Ph.D., director and researcher at the Department of Kinematics at San Francisco State University. How much energy, which is equivalent to a person in the unconscious to lose weight, the focus is that he also happy in which.

    Scoring mechanism based on the player wholeheartedly into the game, there can be no excessive movement or can avoid the case of movement, according to the burning calories as a scoring standard. The rating can be used for the user to choose the game for himself, or as a feature to promote the game. So the next time you look for a new VR game, maybe you can see if it also has its own fitness rating.