How about 2018 VR technology developing?
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  • Jimmy at
  • June 02, 2018

The movie “Number One Player,” which was hot in the previous period of time, has caused people's heated discussion. In addition to the wonderful storyline, the gaming experience of the super-cool VR virtual world of game players in the movie has aroused everyone's heated discussion. People can not help but want to ask: In recent years has been frequently heard the word VR, then what is the current development of VR technology? Can we enjoy the same gaming experience as the players in the story.


Now the VR technology can probably achieve one over ten the number one player in the movie. Because the VR experience also focus on the vision, can be supplemented by a simple body movements. But the sense of smell, such as physical collision, tactile experience has not been widely used, and even the visual display effect, also needs to be optimized, and not as real as in the movie.


And, now VR can provide advanced experience, also need some auxiliary equipment, such as mobile phones. Other physical external equipment, the volume is relatively large, very heavy, do not want to players in the movie of the equipment as light. In addition to need external hardware collocation, the existing level of VR technology on the environment recognition is not particularly high, distance of VR anytime and anywhere there is larger difference. Such experiences as to smell, physical pressure, but also needs to be developed.

Now, on the whole, the VR technology is just a start, is still not fully achieve the expected effect. At the same time, precisely because of this uncertainty, let VR industry in the future.