University of London officially opened a virtual reality degree this year
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  • September 05, 2018

University of London officially opened a virtual reality degree this year

People who are familiar with the trends of the foreign VR industry should know that the development of the UK in this field has always been at the forefront of Europe. As a result, we can see that the news from London recently, I believe most friendsfirst reaction will be "Unsurprisingly."

Foreign media reports that the University of London will officially open the MA Virtual Reality degree this year an unprecedented first for the UK and Europe. It is worth mentioning that friends familiar with overseas study information must have noticed the MAprefix of this new degree yes, from the two-year academic year, the degree should be in the humanities, belonging to the humanities. Master of Art degree. Therefore, seeing the course focus on "the teaching of VR narrative techniques for movies, games, animations and even audio content" is not the subject of science and engineering. I believe that there will be no surprises.


As more and more film and television companies test the VR experience, we see that the demand for experienced VR experts in the industry is constantly improving. This is why we have established a new VR degree at the University of London Media. "--The head of the program, Ana-Despina Tudor, said in the relevant statement. In any case, this kind of boost from the education industry is undoubtedly a good thing for the development of the entire VR industry, isn't it?