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  • October 12, 2017

Japan has been at the front of the VR + creative application, the birth of many novel and wonderful VR application, such as VR outbound travel, VR promotions, VR girlfriend, etc., triggering a wide range of industry discussions.

VR tourism is not really a new thing, but was born in Japan, "FIRST AIRLINES", is the use of the latest virtual reality technology, so that people can simulate the experience of overseas travel in the room. It is reported that the facility destination is New York, Paris, Rome, Hawaii four to choose from, "travel" travel about 100 minutes. Experienced in the seat to wear VR glasses, you can travel on the roaming travel, and even in the seat can enjoy the full set of aircraft meal characteristics. But VR outbound travel each time only 12 people at the same time experience, and need to "make an appointment."

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VR outbound travel can make people who are busy or have no travel money and enjoy the real outbound travel. However, Japan is unimaginable that the VR products and promotions will be linked together, the recent Japanese food magazine announced in August, Tokyo, near the Akihabara area to carry out a VR seminar, the use of VR technology for food Azimuth simulation, for the user to bring the sense of smell, vision, taste on the whole sensory satisfaction. But the outside world for this seminar controversy, that Creating New Mouthfeel in VR this project development prospects are not clear.

In addition to the recent introduction of the topic of VR applications, Japan recently Shiga County VR equipment for traffic safety publicity news, Osaka police and NTT West Japan jointly developed VR tools, so that participants through the VR experience during the ride on the bus accident Of the simulation site, in order to promote the importance of bicycle traffic safety.

VR development enthusiasm, in order to be born so much innovative VR applications, for the daily life adds a lot of joy and mind. Van Tuo creative has also been committed to the virtual reality product innovation research and development, the use of VR to upgrade the digital creative application model, leading VR + digital display trend.