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9D Virtual Reality Simulator 360 Degree Egg VR Simulator Equipment

In the 9D vr experience museum, 9D VR simulator is a machine like the cinema. It have 90 movies in the vr simulator!

Product Specification:
  • Name :

    9D VR Simulator

  • Players :

    2 players

  • Power :

    2600 w

  • Voltage :


9D Virtual Reality Simulator 360 Degree Egg VR Simulator Equipment

Applications :

Children center, shopping mall, amusement park, airport, club, theater, scenic spots, Theme park, around the school etc. Many locations are suitable because it just needs 2-9 spare meters to place the whole set of machine.

What is 9D Virtual Reality Simulator: 

Virtual reality technology is an important direction of simulation technology is the 9d vr simulation technology and computer graphics Human Interface Technology multimedia technology sensor technology network technology and other technologies is a collection of cutting-edge cross-cutting technology frontier disciplines and research areas.

The vr egg simulator With 360 degree panoramic view, 2160P HD resolution independent eyes, special immersive helmet,and the helmet can reduce vertigo, built in 9 axis high precision sensor, sensitive to capture the head micro switch at any time, arc angle, form a 360 degree panoramic deep immersion experience. 

Product detail:

Product Name
9D VR simulator Chair Size 1.9*1.2*1.6M
Player 2 Players available Weight 250KG
Power 2600W Voltage 110V/220V

9d vr simulator

Why choose the Pico vr simulator glasses:

1. 40 mm COP professional optical lenses, low distortion, low dispersion, high rate of light through 93%, 96 ° viewing angle both immersion and comfort provided from the center to the edge of the transparent low-quality distortion in use.

2. The permeable mask has improved high foam, long wear, the lenses more difficult to fogging.

3. Part of the helmet weighs only 320 g, more compact than the previous generation of compact, lightweight wear no pressure.

4. 0-800 ° eyes synchronized myopia adjustment, 54-73 mm interpupillary distance adaptive.

VR pico Virtual Reality glasses

9D Theater VR Simulator advantages:

1. Creative look and Shine light with patent attractive exterior design.

2. Have multiple 9d movies.

3. Professional power accessories + computer accessories.

4. Professional experience area design.

5. Automatic leather chair.

After Sale Service :

1. Online technical support for technical problem. Free replacement for broken part during warranty

2. One year warranty, life-long maintenance.
3. Lifetime free software upgrade.


1, Q:How many types of 9D VR cinema do you have ?
A: Four types:1 seat, 2 seats, 3 seats, 6 seats... it is depend on the request of customers.

2, Q:How many movies do you offer?
A: We have 80 free films and 10 interactive games. And we will update 1-2 pcs for free in the future.

3, Q:What is the type of your movies?
A:Horror,thriller,cartoon,roller coaster,car racing movies ect. Suit for adult and kids. About 5-10 minutes for every movie.

4, Q: Can we customize the seats?
A: Sorry that our products cannot be customized, but it can be paint the color
as you like.We can add your logo on the machine.

5, Q: What safety certification you have?
A: We have the CE, SGS certification. 

6, Q: How many years of warranty do you provide?
A: We provide 2 years warranty, life time technician support. All of the problem can be solved by remote online control. All the products has manual come with the machine.

Our Factory

Welcome you to our factory!

We always believe that, quality and service are the most competitiveness, therefore, we, Wangdong only produce the first-class products and provide excellent service, so in this case, we’re offering professional and stable software, using all professional parts(power parts & PC parts)... to keep the quality stable as always, and that’s why we could offer and promise 2 year super warranty for the market!

virtual reality simulator

Why choose Wangdong?

1. Wangdong have rich vr experience for game machine producing, high quality control system and good service will keep our long term development and cooperation.
2. Good reputation for export business, our products have been widely sell in south American, Middle East, Africa and so on.
3. High quality control and test system to make machines work stable.
4. Market information feedback, Wangdong have a lot own amusement part equipment, we can suggest customer which machine is welcome by his market.
5. OEM & ODM available.
6. Use Phone calls/Whatsapp/Skype/Wechat/Video instructions to ensure instant help timely.
7. Rich experienced technicians and professional sales team service for you.
8. 18 months free warranty and lifetime maintenance.
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