Ⅱ Face to your fear safely, vr technology can help you!!!
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  • August 23, 2017

     In addition to these advantages of safety and more accurate, virtual reality technology is also considered an ideal way to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Because this mental illness occurs in post-war or large-scale disaster, so in reality it is difficult to reproduce the scene to allow patients to immersive. Generally the patients suffering from this mental illness are also reluctant to cooperate with the treatment, and then to recall those past, which is difficult for the treatment itself is relatively large. In addition, even through the induction of psychologists, only through the memories of it is difficult to accurately describe the inner thoughts. The use of VR exposure therapy, in the way there are semi-compulsive characteristics, as long as the patient's treatment allows, it will have to face a more realistic reproduction of the scene, which than through the doctor's prompts and induction is clearly much more effective The Google's current VR headset Daydream for smart phone support is very good, and other VR head set, similar to Oculus or HTC Vive price compared to the previous reduction, which also gave the medical institutions to use VR exposure therapy possible The s we understand that the current integration of the traditional treatment techniques and new technology means in addition to similar to the above mentioned cases, for the treatment of fear of high, alcohol and so have the effect. In addition to the treatment of mental illnesses such as phobia, VR technology itself has been well used in clinical practice in other medical fields.

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    Many doctors and experts have seen the potential effect of VR in analgesic treatment. Washington University launched a VR game with the effect of this treatment of pain. This game called "Snow World" can put the patient in a snow and ice world where the patient can throw snowballs at the penguins, play snow, listen to virtual concerts, etc., through these virtual scenes to hinder the pain in the brain Pathways to relieve pain during treatment. In 2011, a US military-led research showed that the VR painter was better than morphine for soldiers who were burned by an explosion. VR technology is another important application of clinical training in the medical field. For clinicians, the process of accumulating experience often means communicating with patients suffering from various illnesses, and the risk of surgery is uncontrollable. However, now with the VR, just graduated or experienced doctors can use this technology to feel the real treatment and surgical environment. In helping doctors to accumulate experience at the same time, for the real patients there is no risk.

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    Although VR exposure therapy has a variety of advantages compared to traditional techniques, this new technology is not yet in a large scale to the medical industry. First of all, for the use of VR technology for the treatment of doctors need to be specially trained, and because the patient's situation is different, to take into account the factors and possible bursts are more, the early work will be very complicated. In addition to Limbix this example, due to technical constraints and the use of Google's Street View and other reasons, many of the screen can only be presented in the form of static, there is still some lack of authenticity. Finally, since the hardware and software of the VR technology itself do not have a strict industry standard, there are still a lot of security risks for the high-volume delivery of the medical field, which is a matter of life safety, and any situation that may arise for the treatment team Will be uncontrollable, so the current product on this area is still limited to small-scale experiments. However, with the VR technology in all areas of unstoppable development, as well as their own hardware and software on the perfect, we may not in the daily life of the VR feel the industry brought about by the changes, but for professionals Said that it has become more and more ready to do more areas of service and the audience prepared.