Application of VR Technology in Medical Ⅱ
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  • Jimmy at
  • September 01, 2017

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Physiotherapy is the most common rehabilitation training. Whether it is rehabilitation of exercise injury or rehabilitation after brain stroke, the process of rehabilitation is boring, and the process of rehabilitation is not easy to be monitored and evaluated, and virtual reality can make rehabilitation more interesting, but also better to the doctor To evaluate the results of rehabilitation.

Medical broadcast, such as surgery, through the smart eye doctor can be a clear process through the special eyes live, and no longer on-site doctors can watch live video through the entire process of surgery, if the line of expert meetings, you can for the surgical process of the focus and difficulties of time to comment, to provide the necessary intraoperative judgments and guidance. With VR technology, not only allows students to devote themselves to the creation of 'immersive', and not limited to the provisions of the place, and even use the phone APP and VR equipment at home 'lying' learning!

Currently on the concept of VR + medical and implementation, there are many domestic and foreign institutions and enterprises are trying, VR intervention to do a lot of things that can not be done in the past. We also expect VR technology to play a greater role in the medical field.