Definition of virtual reality
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  • January 31, 2018

Virtual Reality Device

Virtual Reality is also used as Virtual Reality  (VR). Referred to as VR or VR, Virtual Reality is a virtual world that uses computer simulation to create a three-dimensional space. It provides users with simulations of senses such as vision, hearing and touch, Let the user experience as usual, you can promptly and without limit to observe things within three degrees of space. When the user moves the position, the computer can perform complicated calculation immediately and send accurate 3D world video back to produce a telepresence. The technology integrates computer graphics, computer simulation, artificial intelligence, sensing, display and network parallel processing technologies such as the latest developments, is a computer technology to help generate high-tech simulation system.

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According to incomplete statistics, in the first quarter of 2016, China's VR investment reached 1.8 billion yuan. The industry is expected this year is the first year of the Chinese VR industry broke out, and the next four years, the market size will grow 36 times to 55 billion yuan.
But investing in investment, as long as the breakdown of investment, you will find that capital for domestic hardware development far more attention than the content is much lower. Investing in the center of gravity of the VRVR atlas migration, coupled with their own people are not optimistic, resulting in the relevant value of the entire hardware field was looked down, that can not make a good hardware products. After all, what is the cause of this phenomenon?