I am small excavator!!
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  • Jimmy at
  • September 11, 2018


product description:

1. Digging Bao Xiaoda is based on the excavator's imitation design and new style. FRP is perfectly combined with the flaming and LED lighting, and can also be regarded as a masterpiece of the booth project. The car paint process makes the product more durable.

2. the project is the best tool for children, parent-child interaction and teaching, but also can exercise children's left and right brain coordination, in the game process, players to accumulate game points to redeem gifts is one of the project's maximum consumption viscosity !

3. the gameplay is simple, easy to understand, start the game time through the electronic key or remote control, control the excavator to dig the treasure through the joystick, then digging the treasure (rubber ball, twisted egg) to the scorer 4, through That is, the number of points to receive the corresponding gift or lottery

4. support remote control, coin-operated, WeChat payment start, and the product has two different versions of indoor and outdoor. Suitable for multi-channel operation, independent projects, supporting squares, children's hand workshops, indoor and outdoor litigation venues, etc. As long as the popular place, it is the best place to operate!



1. The appearance of the excavator is shaped and the shape is new. It is made of full FRP material , beautiful and durable!

2, the product control is flexible, suitable for all ages, and with strong education and fun, the product is highly sticky

3, the surface of the product uses imported outdoor paint, plus LED lighting decoration, that is, moisture-proof and sun-proof and beautiful!

4. Each single person has the function of receiving the electronic lock and the remote control, and the player can redeem the color through the points, tickets, gifts and other business functions!

5, the product has two different versions of indoor and outdoor, better suited to the different choices and needs of customers!

6. Multi-person interaction mode, remote control mode, easy to use.

7. The body can be rotated by 350 degrees, freely controlled from front to back.

8. The device arm can be flexibly moved and the real excavator experience is controlled.

9. Fun operation, fun and education, let the children experience different digging fun.