VR industry structure is basically stable giants force content war Ⅰ
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  • September 08, 2017

Compared to last year, this year ChinaJoy booth hardware manufacturers plummeted. According to incomplete statistics, this year about 20 VR / AR manufacturers exhibitors, last year the number of about 70. From the rapid outbreak, product update iteration to the industry to return to rational, experienced "roller coaster" type of development of the VR industry gradually stabilized, HTC Vive, Sony PSVR and Oculus Rift three equipment giant three pillars, hardware product iteration gradually from the pursuit of speed New quality growth period.

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Develop VR content

Enough quantity and quality of the content is still a major bottleneck in the development of VR industry. Rich VR content, to attract more developers to enter their own VR ecology equipment manufacturers become invariable action.

"To make VR products do not fall ash, the most important is the content, one is to do a wide range, on the other hand to explore VR real killer application, there is a good content to support this thing to do it." Sony interactive entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Tim Tianyu to the first financial said.

With PSVR global sales have more than one million units, Sony's strategy in the VR has become more clear, the expansion of VR game content has become the focus of work in 2017. ChinaJoy period, Sony announced a series of upcoming in the Chinese market VR game. In the virtual reality video content, recently announced the PlayStation and Jaunt VR reached a cooperation.

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As the VR industry is now just beginning, Tim Tianwu that we are still groping which type of game is more suitable for VR, may be leisure, entertainment, action, horror, etc., the future also need to continue to find more VR games (especially More types of VR games) for testing. And VR video is the same reason, good content more and more in order to attract more users.

"Although the application of virtual reality technology and the value of far more than entertainment, but have to admit that the current VR games and entertainment content development speed beyond our imagination.Now most, the fastest point can be creative content from the entertainment Start. "Wang Congqing told the first financial.

In order to attract more developers to enter their own VR ecosystem, HTC established Vive X accelerator investment incubator VR / AR start-up company, last year Sony also launched the China Star program to support domestic game developers in the PlayStation platform to develop games.

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