VR industry structure is basically stable giants force content war Ⅱ
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  • September 11, 2017

Differentiated play

But in view of the product form and the company's genetic differences, the two play is not the same.

VR industry is a lot of applications now, and Sony PSVR positioning is mainly B2C entertainment content, and did not make the product big and complete. The entertainment content of three blocks, including video, games, audio, Sony as a game company naturally started with the game, the next step will gradually move closer to the video class. "Tim Tianwu said.

virtual reality

For Sony, the PSVR reverse drive PS4 sales is the result they are happy to see. According to Tim Tianwu, some Chinese consumers who have not played such a host game on PlayStation will experience a game on PSVR and want to buy such a VR device, and thus sell a PS4, and this situation is in the country and Not seen too much. So Sony's sales roadshow in the country, the scene will certainly set aside a place to PSVR. According to PS4 sales Sony will also adjust the production capacity of PSVR, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Sheng Tianhou announced that as of June 11 this year, PS4 global cumulative sales of 60.4 million units, PSN monthly users over 70 million.

Unlike Sony, the non-gaming market has been an important direction for HTC Vive's power, and Wang Congqing stressed that "the most important application of VR is not limited to entertainment and games, but also other aspects of life, and it brings far more value than games "

In March this year, Vive eco-circle conference, HTC VR industry will be locked to the entertainment, education and enterprise applications in the three major markets, in addition to the consumer version, launched the value of $ 1,200 "business version" head, to provide more people use solution. In its view retail, real estate, health care, education, military, engineering, design and other fields is also VR technology to display the fist of the stage.

vr cinema

Relying on the PC platform, more immersive visual experience greatly expand the application of the VR scene, while the relatively high price of the product is HTC Vive force B-side market, an important reason.

"Enterprise users are not so sensitive to the price, more value for a good product for the team to enhance the efficiency of the application through the industry can also drive more C-side users understand the use of VR." Wang Congqing said to the first financial, "simply do Hardware is not long - term, through the industry application solution is more conducive to driving the hardware floor and development.

"Different products positioning, different hardware devices, the application of the scene is not the same, may use the VR device to bring the effect is different." For PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus three major equipment differences, Tim Tianwu replied, "at present The same time last year, the most important thing is to flourish, take their own strengths out, make this product, so that consumers choose.