9D VR simulator game transformation
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  • March 03, 2018

China gaming market blowout, 9D VR gaming experience more difficult to transform

In the past year, we have noticed a clear phenomenon: more and more advertising games, and even embarked on the television media, into the variety show, as many people meet the greeting language. We can say that games in this era play an increasingly important role, and the games industry has ushered in an unprecedented climax.

If the game, of course, different types of games also have different status quo. It is generally accepted that hand-travel has developed rapidly in the last two years, while the more traditional end-games and PC-side games are less powerful. Of course, this is in line with the present status of the Internet development.

According to the "2017 China Game Industry Development Report" data show that: in 2017, China's mobile game users about 460 million, an increase of 9.0%; the number of client games about 150 million, basically the same as in 2016; web game users about 2.4 billion, down 2.0% year on year.

The author believes that in 2018 the gaming market will continue to grow. Because, from the perspective of the development of the game industry, game ecology in the past year in the process of continuous formation and improvement, the lack of standardization (such as the proliferation of piracy). In the future game industry, in addition to industry standardization and ecological improvement, the maturity of technology will also be an important foundation for the sustained and healthy development of the game industry.

Take 9D VR simulator games as an example. "2017 China Game Industry Development Report" shows: VR game revenue 400 million yuan, an increase of 28.2%. This data is second only to the growth rate of mobile games, much higher than the growth of web games and end-games market.

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If we analyze the user form, we will find that the number of VR game users is not large (about 400 million). As the number of users grows, the number of consumers who experience the VR experience hall increases. In real life, all kinds of immersive games and entertainment venues that cover VR technology have emerged in all hypermarkets in 2017. For such new products and technologies, people are always willing to try, but due to lack of technological maturity, industrial ecology is not perfect, there are many bottlenecks, individual users of VR gaming equipment is still extremely rare.

Can not deny that, if the technology matures, 9D VR simulator games will have a very substantial market. However, in the current game ecosystem, VR games are still marginalized, experienced and difficult to transform. The reason: immature technology (such as 2D to 3D speed, perspective, depth of field processing), but also because of the limited resources of the game, the quality of resources at different levels. The future of the game market will continue to be hot, but also will be the rapid growth of VR stage, will usher in a new round of winning out. With the establishment of industry standards, the game market will be more standardized and the interests of consumers will be better protected.