Review the Spring Festival VR industry event!
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  • March 15, 2018

Spring Festival VR industry event

Shortly after the Spring Festival, let's take a look at the VR industry events that occurred during this period.

Big business dynamics

Magic Leap was financed by Axel Springer, a large digital media company in Europe, but the amount was not disclosed.

Magic Leap finally showed the real object, the minimum version of the price is similar to the "higher-end smart phone".

Magic Leap recruits store design executives, implying that AR equipment will soon be large-scale consumer-oriented.

Apple launched an AR page on the official website to demonstrate ARkit's application and results in the market.

Sony PS VR US big promotion, head + camera + game set only 199 US dollars, limited time February 18 - March 3.

VR/AR headset

ASUS MR series VR head HC102 officially listed in the United States.

Mainly featured in MR+AI, HoloLens 2 or released in 2018.

Microsoft Hololens will be listed in Singapore and the Arab States. It will be sold in 39 countries and will provide eyewear + hard hat sets.

Qualcomm launched the Xiaolong 845 mobile VR all-in-one reference design, which supports 6-DOF tracking.

The F8 Developers Conference will be held in San Jose, California, on May 1-2. FB will announce "the most significant VR/AR news to date".

Microsoft's Surface Book 2 notebook is available for sale in April. It is equipped with a 1060 graphics card and supports VR. The price is 306,504 yen (approximately US$2,865).
9D VR simulator

Capital dynamics

The VR concept and design tool Gravity Sketch completed a $1.7 million financing.

Livelike, a social VR platform, completed a round of financing of US$9.6 million in Series B, focusing on sports events.

Japan's AR/VR offline experience store Place Holder was financed by 600 million yen, and 3 companies such as TBS invested in the parent-child experience.

Japan's GREE and Colopl, mixi, Yahoo, etc. set up a new $ 18.3 million fund GFR Fund, investing in VR/AR/MR.