VR experience shop more and more popular
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  • November 20, 2017

VR experience shops are more and more, How many people can earn money?

I was sitting in a circular aircraft with a red, rugged terrain at the foot of Mars. After a violent shake and dive, the aircraft landed briefly and then flew to another planet ...

This is a piece of virtual reality (VR) content about travel in the solar system. Unlike the viewing experience with a cellphone case or helmet, I was in a virtual reality offline shop and sat down in a moving chair and watched the video. Glasses provide virtual content, the chair is responsible for the real shaking.

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Why VR experience store will be the direction of the field current hot?

Because similar to the high-end VIVE such VR equipment, the price is too expensive, the computer configuration requirements are high, complete matching, at least cost more than 15,000 yuan at the same time, VR experience requires a certain amount of physical space, and many Ordinary people do not understand VR, for a variety of reasons led to VR experience in the shop to experience better.

"VR experience into a business, not only the hardware standards can be achieved ",Taking the experience store of Xidan Joy City in Beijing as an example, the current turnover is 150,000 per month, and the traffic volume is about 3,000 per month. Operating costs including rent and personnel expenses account for about 50% of the turnover. If you are careful, VR experience shop is still a very profitable direction. However, not all experience stores are so lucky. Earlier media reports said that the experience of entrepreneurs with VR shop too high, due to lack of traffic, lost 1.3 million within six months. In fact, in addition to site selection, pricing and other factors on the offline store, another very important part is the content.

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Spend Dozens of dollars, can buy or primary VR experience

In this issue, the experience of shop operators have a simple starting point: cost savings. "HTC's price is too expensive, three times that of Dapeng," said by me. The effect of Vive is indeed good, but most of the current experience stores use equipment from several domestic manufacturers because of cheaper prices. "Plus HTC on the computer requirements are particularly high, a set of down to 30,000, but with Dapeng may be as long as more than 7,000 pieces."
     Put aside this factor is difficult to buy, if the purchase of Vive, Oculus equipment and games, with raised fares to recover the cost? Zhao Xihui think this is not feasible, taking into account the public's acceptance, the price of stores around, high prices do not necessarily bring more customers."Even if you give your best equipment, you do not ponder what's behind, how to promote, how marketing, or useless."

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