VR Water War Cabin brings guests a new gaming experience
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  • February 26, 2018

Polin (Turkey) and Lagotronices (Netherlands) took the waterpark interactive experience to a whole new level by co-sponsoring the second generation of water-war cabins equipped with VR technology.

Through the combination of VR glasses with the new version of the water gun, guests will enter a new world. There, they were able to experience the feeling of floating in the river and across the hamlet. In this virtual world, guests will encounter different unexpected situations, and usher in a fierce water war. Players will be awarded a score by water battle to showdown.

New water battle experience

At last year's IAAPA show, Polin pioneered the first generation of water-war cabin, this version is equipped with a water jet interactive screen. The whole game is carried out in a beach-style cabin, the player through the 3D glasses (Oculus Rift or HTC Vive) to experience the game. Moreover, players can score points by shooting virtual characters on the screen with a water gun, and avatars also fire players through preset pipes in the screen.

The Aquafantasy water park in Izmir, Turkey, introduced a water-war cabin last month, the first time a floating cabin has entered a water park.

Polin has been working on product development and is already a nationally accredited R & D center dedicated to developing gaming projects with many of the world's talented people. The water-war hut, Polin company and Lagotronics jointly developed the crystallization.

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Advantages of new products

Now Polin and Lagotronics embark on a second partnership - the VR version of the Water War Cabin, which will feature VR glasses and a hand-held water gun. Compared to the first generation, the space required for the VR Water War Cabin is much smaller, and the space of 3.8 m * 3.6 m can meet the needs of the equipment.

VR Water War cabin through the HD VR video equipment to give visitors a 360-degree gaming experience. Players have the feeling of immersion, they can protect themselves with hand-held water gun equipment and score, water house system will also be based on the player's game performance to control the players splashing back.

vr game simulator

Unique interactive experience

According to Mark Beumers, CEO of Lagotronics, most VR games available in the market today are experienced at home, but VR Water War Cabin can fully demonstrate the rich experience that VR can bring. When guests enter the cabin and bring VR glasses from the moment, they will enter the world of the game. Through interactive hardware devices, the feeling of the entire game will be very real.

Ali Cansun, director of research and development at Polin, is convinced that the VR Water War Cabin offers guests an unprecedented experience, the hut's software and hardware and water amusement elements to make the VR experience a perfect one. And, as technology continues to evolve, Polin will continue to work with suppliers who have the latest VR eyewear technology.