Sharing VR cinema is a new opinion
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  • December 08, 2017

Sharing VR cinema is an opportunity or a trap

VR industry in 2017 the most talked about keywords should be 9d VR cinema. This is the theme park under the line after the museum and experience, and another stand on the VR outlet under the line of entertainment products. The difference is that, experienced thousands of hot pursuit and ups and downs, 9d VR theater in the industrial capital in the winter to insist bloom it?

Interactive VR Game

In the capital markets of the past two years, sharing economy is undoubtedly the one that stands at the top. What is the best place to share the VR theater under the double outlet?

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Internet + mode offline VR entertainment center

1. A small space "big difference"

Less than five square meters of trapezoidal small space, front holographic projection screen animation carousel, which is shared 9d VR cinema body.High color value is not without reason.

The internal design of the theater is very minimalist. In addition to the VR seats and helmets required for viewing, there is only a touch screen for scanning movies. However, the top of the 9d vr cabin is equipped with chandeliers and projectors, wallpaper around the addition of different themes, with the viewing environment is more atmosphere.

sharing vr cinema
2. Sharing mode "new tricks"

Shared VR theater without having to pay a deposit, simply scan code to pay for watching movies or games, the use of the process is also very simple.
The audience into the theater can be based on voice prompts in the touch screen for autonomous operation. Cinema also supports online game play, consumers experience immersive entertainment but also to eliminate the pressure of life and fatigue.

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The current bottleneck in the VR industry is not technology, but content. Only the quality of the content itself has a certain height, the hardware can go up. But at the same time there is not enough inexpensive hardware equipment, VR content realization of the market more and more difficult. Their mutual restraint has plunged the industry into a "stalemate." 

Guangzhou Wangdong company achieve a total balance between content and commercial realization. At the same time, but also further narrowed the distance between VR entertainment and the public.

When will you be able to experience this offline shared VR theater? Not in a hurry, you'll see it in public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, amusement parks, and more.

Wangdong company 9d vr cinema