What is Dynamic Dome Cinema?
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  • September 05, 2018

Dynamic Dome Cinema consists of a spherical screen and dynamic seats, creates an immersive viewing environment, and brings the pleasure of flying and the surreal audiovisual feeling to the audience. We have made an innovative step -- miniaturized the dome cinema to a 17.4*12.5*8.2(ft) space. The thrill of the dome cinema is right by the door. Nake eye cinema

Our Advantages:

1. Multiple interesting appearance, firmly catch the eyes of the customer

Wukong’s outlook is lovely and interesting. It has a great visual impact in mostly environment. It can catch the eyes of the consumer very easily. At the same time, there are many appearance can be chose. We support IP customization and give you more choices.

2. Convenient installation

The equipment is small and light, floor space only need 25 m2, integrated store output Transportation, installation, test 3 steps to make sure the equipment working normally, one person can run the equipment!

3. Sensational shock experience which can be comparable to Disneyland’s flying dome project

WangDong’s Magical World innovatively miniaturizes the dome cinema, you can experience the thrill of the dome cinema no longer need go to a large theme park.You can feel overweight, weightlessness, fly, dive and other shock experience, and gain a different visual feast.

4. Dozens of special effects films are available and new films continuous supplying

The categories of films include sci-fi, adventure, education, parent-child and so on. Original movies, IP custom-made films build a diversified library of films, children’s favourite cartoon, adults' favorite adventure thrill, lovers’ favorite romance, all kinds of films are included.

5. Diversification profit mode

Single ticket income, membership card recharge income, toys sales revenue, to build a triple core revenue source. The external display screen also has the function of advertising distribution, which brings rich advertising distribution income.

 Dynamic Dome Cinema

What is included in the package?

We offer 5 movies at the first time, and each movie is about 6~8 minutes. For updating new movies, it is around 200 USD per movie. We recommend to update yearly.


Dynamic Dome Cinema VS VR(Visual Reality)

Dynamic Dome Cinema

ü Naked-eye 3D,audiences don’t need to wear glasses.

ü The all-around immersive viewing environment, the experience is lifelike

ü Support many people to watch film at the same time, interact with each other, share happiness and enhance feelings

ü High-end and customized films

VR(Visual Reality)

ü Need to wear glasses/helmet that shared by many people, unsanitary, and vulnerable to vertigo

ü Small screen and low resolution result in blur film

ü Experience loneliness, no sharing lack of interaction


Target Customers

3~60 year-old, family group, couples

Floor Area

20.14 sqm



Floor Weight


Power Requirement

11kw, 220v


3~4 people

3D dome cinema