The world's first "WuKong" dynamic dome theater was unveiled in Guangzhou
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  • August 15, 2018

  In the fast-growing domestic online entertainment industry, with the improvement of users' tastes.The traditional online entertainment model has been unable to meet the specific needs of the growth of users.,In Guangzhou·China Import and Export Fair Complex, the “Wokong” dynamic dome theater booth, which was unveiled for the first time, was crowded with people, attracting the attention and consultation of many individual investors and investment institutions.

dynamic dome theater

  The “WuKong” dynamic dome theater is the latest generation of miniaturized dome equipment, which has innovatively miniaturized the dome project that was only experienced in large theme parks or astronomical science and technology museums.This allows consumers to experience this new way of entertainment at their doorstep.A fun pink appearance with a 180°spherical screen and dynamic seat, combined with a naked-eye 3D dome film, stereo surround sound,lead the audience to experience the shocking experience of overweight, weightlessness, flying, diving and so on.“WuKong” has attracted many investors to queuing experience at the exhibition site, and have consulted actively how to join the store.

Nake 3d theater

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  At the same time, the “WuKong” dome theater does not need to be renovated. After the venue is confirmed, the whole store can be exported to complete the opening of the store, and no need to invest in raw materials. Only 1-2 people can operate independently, saving hundreds of thousands of shop decoration and transfer costs. This is an advantage that the traditional franchise industry can't match. In addition, the triple income source of “single ticket income + membership card recharge + derivative sales” guarantees store revenue, and the cost can be recovered in the next 3 months to achieve net profit. The "WuKong" series of dynamic dome theaters are in the midst of hot investment in the country.

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  The reason why this theater is called "WuKong" is because it has the same variety of "remarkable ability" as the well-known “QiTian DaSheng”: a prototype designed with WuKong modeling as a blueprint; as flexible as the "seventy-two changes" And freely selectable multiple appearances (support IP appearance customization); modular assembly can be quickly copied "divided"; naked eye 3D effects,free-glasses and panoramic immersive viewing makes passengers feel like "piercing eye"; Through different films, passengers seem to ride the "Somersault cloud" into the sea, flying, shuttle (support video content customization, create exclusive IP movies).

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