Meet you in The 10th Guangzhou Video Game International Industry Exhibition
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  • September 03, 2018



Main products: naked eye 3D, basketball machine, frame machine, doll machine, 9DVR, and various types of VR rides

Great news, our company, Guangzhou Wangdong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will participate in the 10th Guangzhou Video Game International Industry Exhibition. Hereinafter referred to as GTI Guangzhou Exhibition.

At the GTI Guangzhou Exhibition in 2018, the exhibition area will reach 80,000 square meters. It is expected that more than 600 manufacturers will participate in the exhibition. The quality products made in China will once again be displayed on the international platform of GTI Guangzhou Exhibition to players and buyers at home and abroad. This will be a grand event not to be missed.

In 2017, GTI Guangzhou Exhibition, more than 500 exhibitors, and attracted international professional buyers from 65 countries and regions around the world to purchase. Since the exhibition was founded, the growth rate of overseas buyers visiting in the past ten years has reached 182%,setting up channels for Chinese-made products to be sold to the world.

With this event, our company will bring you two new products - “Wukong”Dynamic Dome Theater and 9DVR Egg Chair. As a high-tech amusement equipment, WokongDynamic Dome Theater is an innovative miniaturization of the dome theater that can only be experienced in a large paradise, making it possible to experience the ball screen at home.

Holding then name of "Wukong", with the "Wukong" magic. The reason for saying "Wukong" is a clear stream of children's industry, which is inseparable from the "Wukong" Dynamic Dome Theater several bright spots:


Seventy-two changes

"Wokong" Dynamic Dome Theater has multiple appearances to choose from, and supports personalized customization. In today's era of admiring the value of the face, such a device with its own eye-catching characteristics can be said to be self-contained traffic, taking the lead.

 GTI Guangzhou Exhibition


At the same time, the characteristics of the "Wukong" Dynamic Dome Theater mould production, modular assembly makes the copy shop very easy and convenient,in the road of rapid opening shop to explore a new way.

3D nake eye cinama

Somersault cloud

"The muscles of the cloud" can be described as the core of "Wukong" Dynamic Dome Theater. Through a variety of dome films, “Wukong” brings you the immersive experience of heaven and earth, enjoying the panoramic viewing experience and feeling the world you have never been to!

Compared with the existing so-called 4D5D and competitive VR experience on the market, the“Wukongseries of equipment's naked-eye 3D concept can harvest 3D experience without wearing glasses, lose the shackles of public glasses, enjoy the fun of viewing the film, and share the intimate time.

 dome cinema

Three heads and six arms

Just like popcorn and cola in the cinema, "Wukong" Dynamic Dome Theater can also be combined with other multi-formats: self-service ice cream, doll machine, singing bar, etc., strong alliance, gathering unlimited business opportunities...

Of course, our latest VR technology products are also unveiled together - "Fantasy 9DVR", the world's first, exclusive patent: 360 °panoramic glasses can bring a full immersive gaming experience, the whole view. Experiencers can easily complete a variety of human-computer interactions, such as character walking, encountering enemy battles, and so on.

9D VR egg chair

Wangdong sincerely invites you to experience our new cool technology, the 10th GTI Guangzhou Exhibition, See you there!

Booth No.: Hall 6.1, 6T22/1

Date: September 12~14, 2018

Exhibition Hall: Area A, Guangzhou Pazhou China Import and Export Fair

Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China