"VR Water Warfare Lodge" Brings New Game Experience to Guests
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  • June 21, 2018
Polin (Turkey) and Lagotronices (Holland) jointly promoted the interactive experience of the water park to a new height by jointly launching the second-generation water battle hut equipped with VR technology.

Through the combination of VR glasses and the new water gun, guests will enter a new world. There, they can experience the feeling of floating on the river and passing through the small village. In this virtual world, guests encounter different emergencies and welcome a fierce water battle. Players will compete against each other through scores obtained in water battles.



The advantages of new products
Now Polin and Lagotronics have launched a second collaboration, the VR version of Water Warfare Cabin. The latest product will be equipped with VR glasses and hand-held water guns. Compared to the first generation of products, the VR water warfare hut has a much smaller space. The space of 3.8 meters*3.6 meters can meet the demand of the equipment.
The VR Water Warrior lodges a 360-degree gaming experience for visitors through its high-definition VR video equipment. Players have the immersive feeling that they can use a hand-held water gun device to protect themselves and score points, and the water house system will also control the splash of water by the player's game performance.