Can Glass-free cinema instead of VR HMD?
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  • Jimmy at
  • August 10, 2018

Can Glass free instead of VR HMD?

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"Recent focus for Immersive Experiences has been on VR HMD.But there are other technologies that can also provide immersive experiences,with no need for the viewer to wear a glass.With no glass, the immersive experience can be shared with other viewers and it can become a more interesting experience."

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The high cost of attending a location-based VR entertainment venue with glass is largely ,for the fact that each attendee normally needs a full-time employee to manage and help the consumer don and adjust the glass. Glasses-free immersive environments solved this problem. But these glasses-free entertainment venues are still not cheap.

 Nowadays, there are few dome theaters on the market, and there are also large-scale, high-end investment costs. This highlights many of the advantages of the WUKONG dynamic dome theater. The initial investment is low, the shape and high-tech eye-catching, the income method is diversified, and the prospect is good. So it satisfies all aspects of the need, this is the reason for choosing our products.

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