What is best VR?
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  • Jimmy at
  • June 06, 2018
Four characteristics of good VR games

Immersion: This word is also used in traditional games. For example, some latent games have a strong sense of substitution.

Impact: Many times you need to use some lens changes to make you visually shocked.

Novelty experience: Compared with the beginning of the development of certain media, for example, when the movie first came out, there was a movie called Train Stop. Many games now follow the novelty experience.

Multiplayer: It is a very important development direction for VR games. When we play a lot of online games, you will think that they are your friends. There are many first-person perspectives in VR games. You can see every move of your friends. There is a feeling of common confrontation.

Industry situation

About half of Gaming is actually the market for VR games, so this market will be a very broad market, and it is also a highly competitive market. This market is also the top three in the first place in the VR industry, because everyone feels hard It is very likely that a nuclear player will pay. In addition, because the industry is new, it has quite a lot of opportunities.