Can VR Panorama really change our lives?
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  • Jimmy at
  • June 15, 2018
I believe that now in the hot topics of science and technology, technology, industry and many other industries have to count VR technology, this area is undoubtedly a rising science and technology outlet, the fresh stuff of technology can always stir up the times.

In fact, this technology is discussed in the hope that this emerging technology can change lives and bring benefits to life. At present, the conditions for VR hardware products to fully enter the consumer market have basically matured, and the VR industry will also usher in a new outbreak.

At the same time, the country has also seen the rapid technological progress and great application value of VR technology. Government agencies at all levels have successively introduced a series of supporting policies, and the domestic VR industry will usher in a good opportunity for development. Various visionary mainstream technology companies have already begun the strategic layout of VR industry.


VR technology has been continuously expanding possibilities, then VR technology can change those places in the past life? The following Xiao Bian lists a small part for everyone.

Do not go out to see the world model room for the real estate industry to bring improvements

Change the education market and make learning more interesting


The new virtual reality travel experience model will change people’s travel methods