2018 Anime Cheongsam Association
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  • Jimmy at
  • June 06, 2018
Anime cheongsam will introduce:

The Anime Cheongsam Association will originate from the interests of the animation industry ladies. It was initiated by 58 companies in the animation industry and was formally established on September 5, 2017. Later planning attracted the beauty of more than 500 companies. Take the influence of the member companies and the power of our shared media, plus the charm of our beauty. It will surely make the association the most attractive and glamorous scenery in the animation industry! The theme that the association follows is: Sharing the media - beauty and business in parallel. From the quality and interest of everyone, cheongsam will set up various talented life teams. Such as music and dance, fashion catwalk, poetry and calligraphy and the like. Through the talent show of everyone, cheongsam will be more harmonious and happy, so that the more confident and more beautiful women. More eye-catching, more money!


On the morning of May 21, 2018, an opening ceremony for the 2018 anime cheongsam with the theme of "Sharing the media - beauty and business coexistence" was held at the 7th floor of Vienna Hotel, Hangto, Panyu District. Eighty-three business representatives and more than 100 guests attended the event. The scene is beautiful and the clouds are beautiful.