What is the 9D VR Virtual Reality Experience Pavilion?
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  • Jimmy at
  • September 27, 2017
Compared to the traditional Internet social entertainment activities, in the 9DVR virtual reality experience museum, we can reproduce the value of social, and compared to the real world, we can also create a more fantastic and incredible experience. Because the 9DVR virtual reality experience museum is built in a virtual world, we can bring more exciting shock experience in the social activities by the visual performance.


Next, let us go into the scene together to understand what 9D VR virtual reality experience museum. What is the 9D VR Virtual Reality Experience Pavilion?

1. shocked
Unprecedented extreme interaction - VR glasses instead of the props gun sight, can be directed to the target to send command attacks.

2. Mysterious

 Impressive visual impact -360 degrees scene transformation, through the player's head before and after the real rotation of the screen heart switch, the player can walk in four different virtual scenes.

3. High-end
Exclusive cutting-edge smart technology experience - the introduction of new technology, seat design and internal structure ergonomic seat more comfortable, exclusive virtual entertainment world.

What is 9DVR function glasses?

htc vive

As the 9DVR experience equipment in the main heart of the instrument, its arrival completely abandoned the big screen era under the viewing mode, 125 degrees bionic viewing angle, 1080P binocular independent HD resolution, bring you no dead corner tour of the new world real feelings.
Head tracking aiming, built-in 9-axis sensor, 360-degree head tracking, light head can really touch the new world, experience the control of the audience control experience.
VR glasses highlight the appearance of science and technology, lightweight materials to avoid the experience of those who cause eye pressure.

At present, the development of World culture and entertainment to speed up, more and more people pay attention to cultural and entertainment life, and now who can have a market really need products, who will be eligible to share this huge "cake" to fill the gaps in the market.