Popualr virtual reality shooting arcade game machine infrared shooting game - VR racing simulator
shooting game machine
nirtual reality shooting
infrared shooting game
shooting arcade game machine
Popualr virtual reality shooting arcade game machine infrared shooting game

This machine is designed for the fans of space series game. With sensitive movement, realistic effects, comfortable luxury seats, vr spacing fighter will take y...

Product Specification:
  • Machine Size :


  • Screen :

    42 inches LG display

  • Voltage :

    VC 110/220V

  • Language :

    English Version

Specification of vr spacing fighter

Main style one players for vr space
Voltage 110/220V
Power 1KW
Weight 200kg
size 2100*1500*1350mm
Screen 42 inches LG display
Language/Setting English Version/Chinaese Version
Warranty 18 months from shipment
Games Interactive games : 20 stage games with harder levels
Machine list one vrm helmet, one dynamic platform, 20 commission completed games,18 months warranty

Vr space gun

Detail of vr spacing fighter

Vr space fighter game

We use the best parts for you

Virtual reality parts

Vr space need you 

Vr space fighter games

20 stage games with harder levels

VRX-T game is a "beach landing" space shooting game, the player manipulates the mine fort, against the invasion of space pirates. For those who love the space design of the player is sure to experience the VR version of the conscience .With the version of the update will introduce more complex enemy ships, such as stealth spacecraft and built their own aircraft to repair the UAV. Some enemy ships can launch missiles from time to time, so players need to pay attention to the time to replace the cartridge to ensure that the enemy can contain the intensive fire attack while shooting down their spacecraft.

Packing & Delivery

Air bubble pack + stretch film + well paper + wooden case to make sure all the safety during shipping

vr fighter

Why choose us ?

Our culture is quality. And we alway put the after-sale on first consideration. One year warrantyfor key component, during the time, we will send new parts to change yours, and show you how to install and how to mend. Later we will also continue to solve  your problem with professional knowledge. Our Teams offer 24th on line services for custom



1.How long can I play for each time ?
This is passing game usually can keep for 5 minutes

2. What kind of the brand of the glass ?
What we offer is Oculus glass with high definition.

3. How long can  get the machine ? 
Our producing time is 5-7 days, it need about one month to ship.

4.How many games are there in the machine ?
There are 20 games in it and you need to pass the fomer 2 games  that you can continue to play .

5. What' s the advantages of your machine ?

First, the shape of the machine is exclusive that it only belong to our company. Second, this is passing game ,it has different

class which will make clients feel challenge and excited.


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