VR horse riding simulator for sale horse riding exercise machine - VR racing simulator
virtual reality riding machine
vr horse riding
VR horse riding simulator for sale horse riding exercise machine

Interactive horse riding is an amazing game for horse riding lover or those who enjoy the interactive games. You will deeply admit into the fighting war with g...

Product Specification:
  • Name :

    VR Horse Riding;

  • Weight :


  • Game :

    2 pcs games;

What is the Specification of 9D VR?


Wandong VR Horse Riding
Machine Size 120*80*100cm
Interactive Game 2 pcs games
Player 1 players
Brand Oculus CV1/HTC Vive
Voltage 110V/240V
Power 1KW
Screen Size 42 inch
Machine List                                    

One Vr helment, one dynamic platform

Resolution                               2640*9600

virtual reality horse riding

About the Vr Horse Ride

1. One minute to complete equipment, study, join the battlefield. And it is equipped with a unique audit management background, audit, payment, more simple, customers can enter the game faster.


2. Super safe equipment protection, foot pads, handrails, no other special auxiliary equipment, just wear the  glasses, take the weapons, join the battlefield, defeat the enemies, become the winner!


3. According to the individual acceptance of the choice of acceptable riding speed, real-time synchronization of the game and the actual state of motion, to solve the problem of vertigo.


It just like that you are riding one a horse on the battlefield. And it also can shooting the zombies on this machine, be personally on the scene and become unforgettable experiences.

Details of Vr Horse Ride


interactive riding machine

vr riding simulator

FAQ for Horse riding

1.How many games offer here ?
We will offer you 2 kinds of horsing games and they are in different style.

2. Is the glass high definition ?
Yes, what we offer is HTC Vive glass with high clear definition and also comfortable to your eyes after wearing

3. How long will it keep for each game ?
It will be 5 minutes to play the game for each players.

4. If we can change the riding speed ?
Yes, there are five models you can choose different speed according to your need.

5. How long is the producing time ?
We need 5-7 days to finish the merchandise. Nearly one month to ship for your closed port.

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