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  • December 18, 2017

VR game report: 9d vr cinema is maturing, content field game first

In the development of VR, the game plays an extremely important role, is the key point of its development. With the technological bottleneck breakthrough, VR hardware products gradually enter the consumer market, VR games are more and more players are well known. VR technology unique sense of immersion, and the natural complement each other, the role of substitution from the original third person into a first person, at the same time from vision, hearing, to the sense of smell, touch, and so full range of somatosensory equipment, making the VR game user experience substantially Enhance.


First, the offline experience escalating

At present, the VR game is a subdivided domain in which the VR content field has been able to achieve profitability. Sales of the VR game through the hardware subsidiary channels and the third-party distribution platform are initially formed online, and the offline VR experience hall and other derivative products are realized for realization.

A number of game content developers use the game product scene is based on the actual experience of the VR Museum to design, offline shop experience more complete facilities and equipment, the corresponding experience better.

The offline shop also evolved from a simple egg chair to a large VR gaming experience center like a video game center. In the future, a more mature VR offline paradise will emerge.

Second, the game diversified development

Although at this stage, VR games are of high homogeneity, in the future, with the expansion of multi-category and multi-service lines of major companies and the enhancement of social attributes, explosive games are just around the corner.

Third, AR game or the next outlet

AR technology is augmented reality technology refers to the original in the real world within a certain time and space is difficult to experience the physical information through science and technology simulation and then superimposed to the real world is perceived by human senses to achieve beyond reality Sensory experience. However, at present, the game content is a single obstacle to the greater development of AR games an important factor, but it is undeniable that in the future, AR games or will be the next outlet.