A new 9d virtual reality egg chair
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  • January 19, 2018

A new virtual reality egg chair gives you extraordinary VR experience

The story of the egg chair is not just the egg chair itself. To some extent, people doing business offline, as well as people cutting-edge technology, because of egg chair this product and become "unknown." Traditional entertainment market business people to earn the eye with freshness, kept thinking about the new tricks, for them, VR experience store is a real business, you can not make money, you have to be eliminated.

space vr egg chair

They embrace ideals and think of ways to change people's world through technology. The two groups of people who originally did not seem to have a business intersection now experience stores, cooperation and competition via egg chairs via VR. They firmly grasp their existing advantages of resources, but they all want to earn money by the proven business model.

9d vr simulator

Egg chair, originally refers to the shape of the egg can be designed to 360-degree rotation of the seat. In the field of VR, originated in 2014, it is a specially designed VR seat that has been extended in the past 7 days by theaters. People sitting in egg chairs, wearing VR headdress, roller coaster experience of such games, the egg chair with the head of the screen vibration, can give the player a very strong sense of reality. Egg chair is characterized by cheap, more convenient to experience, covers a smaller space. And most importantly, the performance requirements for the VR head was lower, most of the egg chairs are used domestically manufactured VR heads.

VR shooting platform

We have developed our own playback system and video and game content, with multiple product approval certificates, 9DVR device licenses, large theater equipment licenses, CE certification at home and abroad.

The company now has 1,000 square feet of production workshop and large-scale production equipment