three-dimensional panoramic virtual reality technology
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  • January 04, 2018

From the outbreak in late 2015 to the sinking in 2016, and steadily rising by 2017, the development of 3D panoramic virtual reality technology has experienced an extraordinary three years. From being favored to being ridiculed by groups, these three years have far more implications for 3D panoramic virtual reality. This is not just for the gamblers in the capital markets, but also for the mass consumers.

1 seat 9d vr egg chair

First, the naked swimmers crowd, industry leader

In 2014, the wind of 3D panoramic virtual reality technology shattered in China. The first smell of business opportunities for many years engaged in gaming equipment and 5D, 8D equipment, a group of owners. The industries in which these bosses are located have experience and advantages in transitional three-dimensional panoramic virtual reality technology and they have taken the initiative to make attempts from all aspects. VR head and VR content are from scratch, but VR equipment is based on the industry. For gaming device companies only need a good head and some quality is acceptable content, you can advertised as VR business.

In early 2015, 3 Glasses will be on sale with games and videos. Boss knows the opportunity is coming, they can play. After a groping for six months, LeCroy pioneered the market with "The First Scene" (the prototype egg chair), where consumers first experienced the 3D panoramic virtual reality technology. The new feeling led the consumers to scream, and the three-dimensional Panorama 9d virtual reality simulator technology tuyere thus formed. Followed by other companies to follow up, the emergence of double egg chair, the emergence of three egg chairs, other gaming devices are closely linked with the three-dimensional panoramic virtual reality technology.

In mid-2015, the media bombed the 3D panoramic virtual reality technology industry. There were too many "naked swimmers" in VR helmets, VR content and VR devices. However, the "naked swimmers" in the VR equipment industry infiltrated the 2016 VR At low tide, there is no "streaking" phenomenon expected by the media. The reason without it, the volume of millions of VR equipment below the level of enterprises, simply did not consider going ashore, tide receded, they also will be hidden. Such enterprises today can produce VR equipment, AR equipment can be produced tomorrow, the day after tomorrow can engage in intelligent robots. Such enterprises due to light weight, stable funding chain, in early 2017 temporarily exit the VR industry.
9d vr simulator

Second, the core technology has not changed, the industry gradually "virtual"

For many first-time consumers who experience VR devices, movies or games have great impact on their screen and device feel. When the number of experiences is over (10 or more), some rules are found. Most VR devices are used only for viewing movies. A few products have firing armrests, and products with HTC VIVE headrooms interact. Bodywork is often watching film: rocking, panoramic view, better equipment will bring blowing ears, scrutinize the back, shaking the buttocks, blowing hands, sweeping legs and other special effects. When the number of extras, you will find the same serious video.