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  • January 16, 2018

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Now a variety of offline virtual reality experience is very hot, a variety of 9d virtual reality simulator devices are also emerging. Virtual Reality Egg Chair in the country can be said that a very common device, in a variety of virtual reality experience have virtual reality egg chair presence. However, recently, foreign manufacturers also developed a virtual reality egg chair, let's find out.

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Recently, we have developed a brand new 9d virtual reality simulator egg chair. This virtual reality egg chair from the modeling is very novel, from color to shape are full of science and technology. And this virtual reality egg chair also offers a superb VR immersive experience.

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It is understood that this egg chair simulator machine built a number of sensors and vibration, haptic feedback module that can support rotation, tilt, ascent and sink and other functions. With the use of VR glasses, the audience can be immersed in an immersive world, so that people immersed. And this egg chair and the VR movie is very good match, for example, when you watch the movie crashes, the VR simulator egg chair will be 360 ° rotation, while triggering the haptic device, to bring you weight loss, the aircraft quickly dropped illusion.

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In addition, this egg chair is unique in that it does not give rise to the feeling of VR. After wearing the VR glasses, you feel not only the movement of the chair, but also the haptic feedback system in the egg chair afterwards to make VR immersion effect happen naturally.