Create your VR experience museum
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  • April 04, 2018

Don't think the VR experience museum is VR and you don't know

Below-the-line vr experience museum

The virtual reality Museum has sprung up as it sprung up in the commercial center and shopping mall in large and small cities. Most of them are homemade virtual reality heads with a seat that can exercise a limited three degree of freedom. 

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The technology, virtual reality experience involves the scene tracking makes the experience can move around; accurate motion capture system, creating a very high sense of immersion and interaction; mechanical and site layout is necessary to meet the needs of the virtual reality system is absolutely not the consumer can afford, so the virtual reality the best experience will certainly occur experience museum.

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This may be a phenomenon with Chinese characteristics: when the virtual reality in Europe and the United States, still as a novel, only professional and enthusiastic fancier to study and discuss, still not as a general entertainment advanced technology of the majority of ordinary people. The virtual reality in Chinese has become a it can be said is a very popular thing, by the capital market frenzy -- although those who talk about virtual reality inside the vast majority of people actually do not understand the virtual reality is what.

Battle 9d vr simulator

Feeling of 9d vr simulator

Here we can examine the virtual reality experience Museum from two aspects: the consumer pays for a service, and there are two expectations: this service can bring him good feeling, and this service will not bring negative experience to him.

In the view of people who have not been exposed to virtual reality, the experience of 9D virtual reality simulators is unquestionably subversive. Wearing the head, it comes to the other world. Oculus Rift is the first Demo roller coaster is very reasonable, so the roller coaster rides could give passengers the biggest visual and physical stimuli, put it in a virtual reality, to experience the visual stimulus is indeed very powerful, can see this experience Oculus Rift from a lot of people first reaction in.

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The virtual reality Museum in China is often added to the perception of the body under such a stimulus, making the experience more rich. As for myself, when I first experienced the big pendulum Demo on the 9D VR simulator egg chair, although my mind told me clearly that it was not true, my hand still held the handle unconsciously, for fear that it would fall off its seat.

vr egg simulator

Virtual reality is not just such a visual stimulus, but its goal is to provide people with extraordinary, even another world experience.