9D vr simulator and 9D vr cinema sale to other country
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  • March 06, 2018

popular 9DVR Experience Hall daily income up to super 10,000 yuan

Recently, the reporter visited Guangzhou Panyu Wanda Plaza found, vr Experience Museum in front of many people waiting in line to experience. Mr. Yang told reporters in line: "The museum since the opening of Mayday, many people line up every day, the store has a VR helmet, put on after you can watch VR videos, 30 dollars once expensive, just opened Time to experience a very shocking, this is the second time to bring their families, want them to experience the magic of the next VR technology.

9D vr simulator experience museum

This is Wangdong company's 9D VR simulator in the shopping mall! In order to more truly feel the charm of a VR technology, the reporter also lined up to experience a. Reporter experience VR video is "roller coaster", put on the VR helmet, gives the impression that people really like sitting on a roller coaster, 360 degrees have different scenes, look up to see the sky, down Look at the feel of dozens of meters away from the ground in the sky with the speeding, very exciting, this feeling a bit like any door Doraemon, through the door directly into the "one you have never been to the world." Although only the first experience, but the reporter has been fascinated by this "through time and space" feeling, going back to buy a VR helmet to experience at home.

9d vr egg simulator

In this regard, industry experts said that compared to the traditional gaming arcades such entertainment venues, VR Experience Museum to operate more simple, giving the feeling of more fresh, more exciting. Therefore, it is foreseeable that with the popularization of VR helmets such as 3Glasses and Le Chu innovative VR commercial floor mode, the future VR Experience Hall will replace the traditional interactive entertainment venues such as game halls and detonate a wave of virtual interactive entertainment.

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